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The world is facing a shortage of healthcare workers — here are some of the best Healthcare Recruitment Services De Vore Recruiting has for you.

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What is Healthcare Recruitment?

Healthcare recruitment services allows you to mitigate the lack of healthcare staff and making sure that healthcare roles are filled. Read below and learn some of the ways healthcare recruitment service providers help institutions and private groups fill the gaps in their workforce amid shortages.

A Pool of Top Quality Candidates

In a field where there is a heavy emphasis on saving and caring for human lives, it is a must to hire workers that have the right experience and exceptional qualifications.

Recruiters know when and where to find quality candidates who match the specific needs of a client. De Vore Recruiting, for instance, has a nationwide network of candidates who possess not only the aptitudes needed in the healthcare field but also the passion and desire to serve. This access to a wide pool of talent allows recruitment agencies to fill the needed positions fast, relieving clients of the exhaustive and often complicated recruitment process.

Cut the Costs of Traditional Recruitment

Recruitment in the healthcare industry is expensive and often takes a huge chunk of time. On top of this, the high demand for healthcare staff makes the recruitment landscape very competitive.

Healthcare recruiters, however, provide cost-effective recruitment and staffing solutions that help medical companies and private healthcare institutions save without compromising their workforce goals.

Acquire Retained Recruitment Services

In the healthcare sector’s competitive landscape, healthcare recruiters are stepping up their game by offering Retained Recruitment Services to medical organizations and companies. Retained recruiters specialize in the healthcare industry, leveraging their expertise and networks to identify top-tier candidates for various roles, from clinical to executive positions. By collaborating closely with clients, these recruiters design custom search strategies that align with organizational needs and culture, ensuring a seamless fit for the chosen candidates.

Through targeted outreach, engagement with passive candidates, and an accelerated hiring process, Retained Recruitment Services streamline talent acquisition while reducing the risk of hiring errors. In an era where talent is a pivotal asset, these services empower healthcare entities to secure the right professionals efficiently and strategically.

Quicker Recruitment and Placement

In a field where there is a heavy emphasis on saving and caring for human lives, it is a must to hire workers that have the right experience and exceptional qualifications.

It is also a must to have a quicker and faster recruitment and replacement of medical practitioner for every medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, etc.

De Vore Recruiting Assists You On Different Sides of Healthcare Recruitment

De Vore Recruiting assists healthcare organizations and different facilities on acquiring different talents and employees that they need.


Hire Nurses

Find nurses that fits your organization’s needs such as CNA’s, LVN, critical care and more.

role of RNs in assisted living facilities - 2023 update

Hiring Assisted Living Practitioners

Build your team of assisted living practitioners with us. Homecare, Senior living. Mental health facilities, etc.

How can recruitment specialists help in staffing needs of healthcare organizations

Hire Physicians

Physicians of different practices and creditations.

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    Why the shortage of healthcare workers is a pressing problem

    The advances in medicine and technology is an indirect cause of the workforce shortage in the healthcare industry. These innovations are a double-edged sword — while people are living longer, there arises a need to manage more chronic conditions as the population ages, extending the time people need healthcare.

    This, in turn, is resulting in a demand surge for medical professionals specializing in aging care, which contributes to the wider need to fill vacant healthcare jobs across the industry.

    An analysis by Mercer predicts that the US healthcare industry is likely to face shortages of 446,300 home health aides, 98,700 medical and laboratory technologists and technicians, 95,000 nursing assistants, 29,400 nurses, and 11,000 physicians and surgeons by 2025.

    A separate study by the American Association of Medical Colleges projects a shortage of almost 122,000 physicians in the US by 2032.

    The shortage of healthcare workers is not unique in the US. In fact, on a global scale, the World Health Organization projects a shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030, particularly in low- and lower-middle income countries.

    This pressing problem cannot be solved overnight — workers in the healthcare industry often need extensive education, with particular professions requiring specific qualifications. This makes it challenging for providers to recruit new staff.

    healthcare hiring

    What can be done to mitigate labor shortage risks in healthcare

    Understanding the Likely Causes of Shortage

    Health systems, medical groups, and private companies need to understand the workforce shortage is not a problem that can easily be addressed with a one-size-fits-all solution. A holistic approach is needed to ensure they get quality new staff and retain top talent.

    In many cases, companies fail to recognize that their existing structures and programs in place might be causing them to lose people. How companies do scheduling, provide incentives and opportunities, and engage with their existing workforce pool have a huge impact on their attrition rates.

    For instance, the shortage of nurses due to a high turnover could be explained by several factors, including inefficient scheduling that leads to burnout and the lack of sufficient pay.

    Financial rewards — though may not always be the issue — are a big factor for many healthcare professionals who decide to dump their roles and venture into other fields.

    Adopting Technological Advancements

    Another strategy is employing technology to help medical professionals focus more on patient care.

    One example of this is automation — this technology can prevent staff burnout by taking care of administrative functions such as scheduling and payment processing. With this, burnout can be prevented, errors can be reduced, and the healthcare staff can focus on improving their medical services.

    This will even result in improved patient experience.

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    • Tracy Williams Avatar
      Tracy Williams
      We were very fortunate to use DeVore Recruiting to find our new receptionist. Sean is realistic with explaining how the process works. He and Kim were always very professional with their daily updates. We were able to hire rather quickly and they found us an excellent, qualified employee. - 4/18/2024
    • Dalisa J. Avatar
      Dalisa J.
      5 star rating I needed help getting into a good nursing facility and Jennifer Rodriguez helped me do just that I was placed at a great facility with nice people %100 recommend thank you so much Devore recruiting !! - 12/09/2022
    • Zakera Aruobi Avatar
      Zakera Aruobi
      I am not one to leave a review but for this service I just have to share my gratitude.

      I had the pleasure of speaking with Sean and Patricia about a few days ago after I had applied to a few healthcare facilities and got a recruitment call from them. First off let me say how grateful I am that Sean took the time to go over my resume and go into details about my previous employment. I am so very thankful for his time and I appreciate the information and the valuable advice and feedback he had shared with me. I can say he definitely went above and beyond with his service, I cannot thank him and his team enough for all their professional help. Sean if you come across this review just know how grateful I am, so thank you once again.
      - 10/06/2022
    • Oscar Pena Avatar
      Oscar Pena
      I would like to thank Rose, for the hard work and getting me employed. Thank you. - 9/29/2022
    • Stacey Westfall Avatar
      Stacey Westfall
      After many years in management and searching for employees and going through resume after resume just to find the one, I found DeVore. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. They are very responsive and found me quality candidates in a very timely manner. Working with them took so much stress off of me and I felt like they really had my best interest at heart. I will now use them for all of my hiring needs! - 6/09/2022
    • Nariseh Y. Avatar
      Nariseh Y.
      5 star rating I am extremely satisfied with De Vore Recruiting. Sean and Kimberly are great. Kimberly always checked up on me to see how my interviews went follow up with me and kept me updated. She definitely worked hard for me I can say I'm definitely lucky thank you so much once again. :) - 8/18/2020
    • Michael M. Avatar
      Michael M.
      Hey Sean,

      Also copying Heather so that she is in the loop.
      Bita is EXACTLY what our facility needs. We have been working for a while at changing our image. She has joined us at precisely the right time. She is knowledgeable (extremely), hard working and committed to Quality Care. Because she is new, some leadership is challenging her, but she can handle it. The licensed nurses and CNAs LOVE her. She already has had a very positive impact.

      I am extremely grateful....

      Michael Michael M.
      - 6/12/2020
    • Daniel Kay Avatar
      Daniel Kay
      Finally a real headhunter! When I worked with other recruiters in the past, I discovered they were primarily reaching out to active job seekers that already had their resumes posted online. I was pleased to learn that De Vore doesn't take that typical lazy approach, they actually reach out to candidates specific to your company's openings and ensure they are the best fit possible for the position. In fact, they screen them thoroughly so there are no surprises and even check all of their references in advance. I think the best aspect of their service is they offer a 120 day guarantee and furthermore rates much cheaper than what I've been quoted by other agencies in the past. - 3/14/2018
    • Dane Wilson Avatar
      Dane Wilson
      Sean DeVore is a hard working father of two who maintains no ties with past employees who have gone on to say awful things. He stands for liberty and human rights, and carries good values in his practice. Low ratings here reflect a misunderstanding perpetuated by internet tabloids and a single ex-employee who has long been shut out completely from the de Vore enterprise. I would recommend this company for anyone seeking recruiting, especially after speaking with Sean about the integrity he maintains in his business and clientele. - 1/24/2018
    • Sean Donovan Avatar
      Sean Donovan
      Just spoke with the owner of this wonderful small business, Sean was very helpful, and clearly had nothing to do with these awful reviews about his company. A former employee is slandering his name, please don’t let someone who hasn’t worked for this company in years guide you away from using his services. A+ to the team at deVore. - 1/24/2018