Staffing Philosophy


Our ongoing clients expect us to find them the best possible candidates, whether we are replacing a departing employee, adding a new headcount, or  in some cases, providing them with a permanent employee where they have only had success with a Traveler or Temporary Employee.  We have a formula to determine whether, for you, a permanent member of the staff would actually save you money. And without repeatedly having to train new temps, you’ll save time and resources as well.

Our Guarantee
We offer a 120 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the hire within 30 days of their first day on the job, we offer a 100% refund or free replacement – your choice.
Our Clientele
Hospitals, Substance Abuse Centers, Geriatric Facilities, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Adult Day Care, Home Health and Mental Health Facilities
In-Depth Screening
We often do Web Cam Interviews with candidates prior to recommending them. It’s as if we’re doing the first round of interviews for you and your company!

At De Vore Recruiting, we bring a combination of expertise in the healthcare and hospitality fields, along with many years of recruiting knowledge, to find our clients the best candidates possible anywhere in the USA.

De Vore Testimonials

  • Sean DeVore is a hard working father of two who maintains no ties with past employees who have gone on to say awful things. He stands for liberty and human rights, and carries good values in his practice. Low ratings here reflect a misunderstanding perpetuated by internet tabloids and a single ex-employee who has long been shut out completely from the de Vore enterprise. I would recommend this company for anyone seeking recruiting, especially after speaking with Sean about the integrity he maintains in his business and clientele.

    Dane Wilson Avatar
    Dane Wilson
  • Just spoke with the owner of this wonderful small business, Sean was very helpful, and clearly had nothing to do with these awful reviews about his company. A former employee is slandering his name, please don’t let someone who hasn’t worked for this company in years guide you away from using his services. A+ to the team at deVore.

    Sean Donovan Avatar
    Sean Donovan
  • 5 star ratingFantastic group of professionals! I loved working with both Sean and Lauren. Amazing team!

    Justin A. Avatar
    Justin A.
  • Finally a real headhunter! When I worked with other recruiters in the past, I discovered they were primarily reaching out to active job seekers that already had their resumes posted online. I was pleased to learn that De Vore doesn't take that typical lazy approach, they actually reach out to candidates specific to your company's openings and ensure they are the best fit possible for the position. In fact, they screen them thoroughly so there are no surprises and even check all of their references in advance. I think the best aspect of their service is they offer a 120 day guarantee and furthermore rates much cheaper than what I've been quoted by other agencies in the past.

    Daniel Kay Avatar
    Daniel Kay
  • 5 star ratingI am extremely satisfied with De Vore Recruiting. Sean and Kimberly are great. Kimberly always checked up on me to see how my interviews went follow up with me and kept me updated. She definitely worked hard for me I can say I'm definitely lucky thank you so much once again. :)

    Nariseh Y. Avatar
    Nariseh Y.
  • Hey Sean,

    Also copying Heather so that she is in the loop.
    Bita is EXACTLY what our facility needs. We have been working for a while at changing our image. She has joined us at precisely the right time. She is knowledgeable (extremely), hard working and committed to Quality Care. Because she is new, some leadership is challenging her, but she can handle it. The licensed nurses and CNAs LOVE her. She already has had a very positive impact.

    I am extremely grateful....

    Michael Michael M.

    Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.
  • 5 star ratingI was recruited by Kimberley Remoreras. She is wonderful! She has been extremely communicative with both the client and myself about the hiring process and promptly updated me about each step that has taken place. She was very kind, professional, and patient in her facilitation of recruiting me. It was a true pleasure having her guide me through the hiring process and I am excited to begin a new position! Thank you Kim!

    Alyssa P. Avatar
    Alyssa P.